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About WayTronic (Sound IC Chip Division)

Established in 1999, Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd. (previously Guangzhou Waytronic Electronics Co., Ltd.) is located in Shenzhen China.

Her official website for the global market is www.wtsoundic.com

Her official website for China market is www.waytronic.com

With more than 60 voice chip engineers, Waytronic is a high-tech company specializing in voice technology research(sound chips and voice modules), audio product design & control, and other software & hardware design.

WayTronic voice chips are widely applied to

  • telephone recording
  • automotive electronics
  • multimedia
  • home security
  • communications
  • household appliances
  • medical equipment
  • industrial automation control
  • toys
  • interactive consumer products
  • and other fields.

in the following years of development, we find in the market huge demand for devices that give people sound alert or voice notifications. furthermore, we find our sound ICs have even more functions that can benefit the market, so WayTronic starts a new division (www.waytronicmfg.com) and designs several series of products with its advanced chips as below.

In 2016, subsidiary company Shenzhen Waytronic Security Technology Co., Ltd. was established, business scope including automotive electronics, security management, factory safety, special vehicle safety management, forest fire-prevention, etc.

With excellent IC software and hardware development capability and design experience, Waytronic upholds the concept of “Positive innovation, Pioneering courage, Customer satisfaction, Team cooperation”, and strives to build a well-known brand in the voice and security industry.

WayTronic is an excellent voice chip manufacturer, engaged in voice chip research and peripheral circuit development.

At the same time, WayTronic provides voice product development plans for customers with custom needs, carries out the plans effectively, and completes product development, testing, sound processing, practical application guidance, and other services.

After many years of development, our company has formed a completely new process system. Not only these, but we also introduced many types of voice modules, such as WT588D voice module, after the peripheral circuit extended, more closer to the customer needs.

Waytronic is also an MP3 manufacturer. With the development of peripheral technology, we began to produce MP3 chips in 2004. So far we have upgraded eight MP3 solutions (increasing), widely recognized by the market.

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WayTronic History


WayTronic Founded in Guangzhou, China


Began to explore and develop speech chip and speech recognition technology.


Focus on R&D and innovation in the voice field.


Launched the first industry standard chip -WTV, and gained the application popularity of therapeutic apparatus in the industry.


Beijing weichuang hongtai technology co., ltd was formally established for expanding the northern market.


Introduced classic products and supporting host computer software -WT588D series, and established Shenzhen Branch in the same year.


Establish weichuang intelligent platform department, research and develop solutions and products in related fields of smart home.


The release of MP3 classic product -WT 2003 has been widely recognized and praised by the market.


The headquarters of the company was moved from Guangzhou to Shenzhen, and Shenzhen Weichuang Zhiyin Electronics Co., Ltd. was formally established as the head office and Guangzhou Weichuang was changed into a subsidiary.


Passed the national high-tech enterprise certification and won the high-tech enterprise certificate.


To better serve customers in the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai Branch was established.


WT588F series new products were introduced , which made the chip smaller and more powerful , and realized 65 % replacement application.


Set up a research and development team of sensor+voice application technology to expand the application range of voice chips.

Relocate To Bigger Factory

Increasing business requests larger working space, WayTronic relocate its factory from 4F Bdg 11 to 2-3F Bdg11, Which is double size.

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