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Comparison: Audio Amplifier IC

Part NumberVoltageDriving PowerStatic CurrentAmplifier TypeChannel Number
WT4890DC 2.2~5.5V8R1W3~9mAABsingle track
WT8002DC 2.2~5.5V4R2.5W3mADsingle track
WT85711DC 2.2~5.5V2R5W5mAAB/Dsingle track
WT8509DC 2.5~9.2V4R8W3mAAB/Dsingle track
WT8623DC 5.7~17V4R30W6.5~9mADsingle track
WT1312DC 1.8~6.0V4R2W3uAPWMsingle track
WT8871DC 2.5~5.5V2R5W5mAAB/Dsingle track
WT8302DC 2.5~6.0V4R2.9W3mADsingle track
WT9110DC 5.0~15V4R20W20mAAB/Dsingle track
WT8576DC 2.7~6.2V2x8R3W10mAAB/Dsingle track
WT8673DC 5.0~26V2x4R80W9mAStereophonic soundsingle track

Waytronic audio amplifier IC adopts advanced AERC technology (Adaptive Edge Rate Control), which can provide excellent full-bandwidth EMI suppression.

The operating temperature range of the chip can reach -40-85℃

Waytronic audio amplifier IC incorporates built-in overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and overheating protection.

It has been widely used in home audio, security alarm equipment, smart home, broadcasting systems, children’s toys, and other equipment.


  1. Lead-free package that meets Rohs standard
  2. High power supply rejection ratio (PSRR)
  3. Up to 90% efficiency
  4. The original AERC technology provides excellent full-bandwidth EMI suppression
  5. Excellent “pop-click” (pop-noise) noise suppression ability
  6. Excellent low-noise button system

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