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As an excellent short-range wireless communication technology, Bluetooth is changing our lives.

Waytronic Bluetooth sound ICs are widely used in smart home appliances (living appliances, health appliances, kitchen appliances, etc.), smart bathrooms, smart lighting, LED mirrors, electromechanical equipment, hotels, toys, intelligent control systems, etc.

The WT2605 Bluetooth audio chip is specially designed for audio Bluetooth applications.

It is a high-quality MP3 voice codec Bluetooth chip developed by WAYTRONIC. It contains a powerful DSP (digital signal processor) core, which can be accessed and data with external devices through the UART interface. Interaction, simple operation; the built-in analog interface of the chip provides users with high-quality audio input and output, and the rich peripheral interfaces can meet the needs of different users.

The audio codec of WT2605 supports 16-bit ADC and 16-bit DAC, with a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 90dB. Support USB sound card, USB interface realization (USB HID), and slave (USB card reader) function Support external Flash, TF card, and U disk, support SD card and U disk upgrade function.

Features of WT2605:

  1. Dual-mode Bluetooth, in line with Bluetooth 5.0 specifications
  2. Support multiple recording methods: line recording, MIC recording, Bluetooth recording, call recording
  3. Complete voice solutions, supporting the expansion of multiple applications, namely recording and broadcasting, streaming media playback, real-time decoding, and other functions

Because this Bluetooth chip is more powerful, please refer to the description of the Bluetooth module for the specific function set involved

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