Enjoying the Intelligent Life by Using WT Voice Chip

Enjoying the Intelligent Life by Using WT Voice Chip - featured image

Naming everything by language and legislating for nature, we have the tools to interact and communicate with the real world. The more developed the language is, the richer and deeper our understanding of reality will be, and the originally chaotic things will become orderly with the development of language. Because language can encode or classify real things through symbols and laws, making the world orderly.

The interaction between people and objects can also achieve what users want to achieve through language, among which the “voice chip” is the most important one. So what is voice chip?

Voice chip is what you put inside the robot monster, then it’ll be able to speak.

smart lock
Picture 1. Smart Lock

In real life, when you drag your tired body to open the door, with the sound of “Welcome home” from the electronic door lock, you can enjoy the pleasure of getting home.
The chip using WT2003HX can realize the functions of “electronic door lock” with multiple digital display, touch data collection and voice broadcast after unlocking.
Of course, for dry battery power products, this chip also supports, low power consumption, sleep mode, minimum: 2uA.

Picture 2. sensor

Push the door open, and the “corridor light” will immediately emit soft light.

In this scene, the lights can realize the functions of infrared human induction to start lighting, non-induction state to turn off lighting at regular intervals, ranging: starting lighting in advance when people are 5 meters away from the “corridor lights” equipment, etc., and realize on-demand and on-demand, leaving and automatically entering the low-power standby mode.

WT2003HX voice chip, with extended functions such as infrared sensing, timing shutdown, etc.
And it can also be used for extended security functions: for example, “corridor lamp” has smoke detection and alarm function at the same time, and WT2003HX chip can also provide audio alarm sound at the same time.

Communication just started, and the sultry weather made you tell “Ming” to turn on the air conditioner. With its reply, a little bit of coolness dispelled your bored heart.

In this scene of man-machine dialogue, interaction and voice recognition, WTK6900H chip, can be particularly accurate to execute and feedback the execution results.

The basic phonetic entries, keywords are

For example:

  1. Turn on the air conditioner.
  2. Turn off the air conditioner
  3. Turn on the up and down wind
  4. Cooling mode
  5. Sleep patterns, etc

More phonetic entries, keywords, can be processed in more modes by plug-in Flash.

water tap
Picture 3. water tap

At this time, have a glass of ice water. The digital tube on the intelligent kettle shows that the heat preservation status: water temperature is 50℃, manually press the button for cooling, and you adjust the water temperature to 10℃ with the prompt of the button tone.

In this scene, the WT2003HX chip can also realize real-time temperature display (ambient temperature), timed water boiling, voice broadcast prompt of boiling, water level safety detection, etc.

sweeping robot
Picture 3. sweeping robot

After drinking ice water, you hear the sound of sweeping robot galloping past your feet. The body of sweeping robot is a mobile device of automation technology, which repeatedly walks indoors, such as edge cleaning, centralized cleaning, random cleaning, straight cleaning and other path cleaning, and with the help of side brush, central main brush rotation, rag and other methods, the cleaning effect is enhanced to complete the anthropomorphic home cleaning effect.

WT2003HX chip has the function of ultrasonic scanning to recognize objects, so as to avoid, adjust the route, collect the working area, etc. Additional functions include voice prompt to change the stored water, timing start and other safety classes, prompt class voice broadcast.

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