Mp3 Bluetooth Module

MP3 Bluetooth Module

WT2605B03-V2.02 Bluetooth audio recording module is an intelligent wireless audio data transmission, recording and MP3 audio playback product independently developed by Shenzhen Waytronic Electronics.

It is a low-cost and high-efficiency stereo wireless transmission scheme, which has the characteristics of high integration, small size, low power consumption, high transmission speed and so on. Only a few components can be added to the periphery of the module to realize wireless reception of high-quality stereo audio.

By adopting the drive-free mode, customers can quickly realize the wireless transmission of music and enjoy the fun of Bluetooth chip only by connecting the chip into the application product. WT2605B03-V2.02 has three main features: MP3 function, dual-mode Bluetooth function and UART serial port control. Built-in Flash module, which can be used for external USB flash drive and TF card.

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