mp3 Player Chip

Comparison: High Quality mp3 Player Chip

NameAdvantageAvailable CapacityVoice QualityAudio OutputCustomized Function
WT2003S-16SLow cost MP3 with high quality.128M Flash, 32G cardHigh-qualityDACHigh exploitability.
WT2003S-20SSMP3 high quality128M Flash, 32G card/USB
High-qualityDACHigh exploitability
WT2003S32-20NThere is no need to connect to memory or power amplifierBuilt-in 32M Flash and
32G/U disk.
developability is
WT2000-28SSMP3 high quality128M Flash、32G card/
USB drive
High-qualityDACHigh exploitability
WT2605 seriesMP3 high quality128M Flash、32G card/
USB drive
High-qualityDACHigh exploitability
WT2003D-32NIndustrial MP3 chip, small size, LED
128M Flash、32Gcard/
USB drive
High-qualityDAC 16bitHigh exploitability
Industrial MP3 chip, small size
, LED driver.
128M Flash、32Gcard/U
SB drive
High-qualityDAC 16bit /
0.5W class-D
High exploitability
WT2003HP0/2/4/8-32NIndustrial-grade small-volume voice chip
, supporting high-quality MP3 decoding,
with built-in voice of 80 -800 seconds.
128M Flash、32G card
/USB drive
High-qualityDAC 16bit /
0.5W class-D
developability is
WT2003W-16SIndustrial low-cost high-quality MP
3 chip.
128M Flash、32G card
/USB drive
High-qualityDAC 16bitHigh exploitability

List: MP3 Player Chip

WT2605-24SS featured image


With MP3 functions(external TF card/USB drive available), Cell Phone Bluetooth communication, UART control.

Choose mp3 Player Chip

The MP3 player chips are audio chips that decode the MP3 file on the memory and play the sound.

MP3 is a lossy compression format. If the MP3 player has an excellent decoding chip, it can better restore the quality of the audio signal.

The working principle of MP3 player chip:

  1. First, the MP3 file is stored in the memory (flash media, hard disk media, optical disc media), and the signal decoding chip on the memory is read to decode the signal.
  2. Convert the solved digital signal into an analog signal through a digital-to-analog converter
  3. Amplify the converted analog audio
  4. Output as music after low-pass filtering

The Mp3 chip is favored by the market because of its high compression ratio and excellent sound quality. It is widely used in players, broadcasting systems, security reminders, smart homes, multimedia, and many other fields.

The WT2003H series of MP3 chips play an important role in Waytronic products. The WT2003H series uses a high-performance 32-bit processor with a maximum frequency of 120MHz. It has the characteristics of low cost, low power consumption, high reliability, and strong versatility.

The control method is flexible: Support standard serial communication (UART), with file index playback, inter-play, single cycle, all track cycle, 32-level volume adjustment, random playback, etc.

If you need to use a TF card as storage, you can choose WT2003H4-16S TF card version, if the memory is SPI flash, you can refer to the FLASH version of WT2003H4-16S, which can support external 128Mbit Flash.

Of course, they can also exist at the same time. In addition, the powerful WT2003HP8-32N has 8M bit built-in Flash, super small package size, is the best choice for high-end audio products.

In addition, the WT2605 series also supports MP3 decoding, not only playback but also MP3 recording, Bluetooth audio broadcast, and other functions. You can refer to the WT2605B03 module program.

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