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Based on the Waytronic sound IC, plus other external devices, Waytronic mainly provides the following recordable sound modules for customers to test the chip function or directly use on its PCBA,

WT588FM01 Serial Port Function Introduction

  • Working voltage: 2.0V ~ 5.5V;
  • The power amplifier pushes the speaker directly, 0.5 W/8ohm;
  • With recording and playback prompt function, can be connected to LED display;
  • Sampling frequency 16KHz, bit rate support 12kbps, 16 kbps (standard key program default), 24kbps;
  • Single module can record, the longest recording is 70S under 12kbps bit rate; the longest recording is 50S under 16kbps bit rate;
  • The longest recording is 30S under 24kbps bit rate;

WT588FM01 is divided into two versions: button control version and first-line serial port control version

  1. The button function has the functions of long-press recording, short-press short-button playback, long-press short-button loop playback, long-press hold and non-loop playback, etc.;
  2. One-line serial port control is a standard one-line serial port control method

WT2605B03-R function introduction:

  1. Multiple recording methods, the same module can support: line recording, MIC recording, Bluetooth recording, call recording.
  2. High-quality recording, the sampling rate of MIC recording and line recording can reach 16Khz, and the sampling rate of Bluetooth recording can reach high fidelity of 44KHz.
  3. Audio codec supports 16-bit stereo DAC and two-channel 16-bit ADC
    High-performance stereo, ADC has a signal-to-noise ratio of 90dB, with a 16KHz recording sampling rate, the original sound can be recorded to the maximum.
  4. At the same time, it supports three storage methods: SPI-FLASH, TF card, and U disk; SPI-FLASH is stored as a fixed sound source area, and the U disk can be used to replace the content.
  5. The dual-mode Bluetooth function complies with Bluetooth 5.0 and BLE specifications, the audio Bluetooth distance can reach 20 meters, and the transparent transmission Bluetooth effective distance is 7 meters.
  6. Support customized special functions: button control mode, touch control mode, etc.

In addition to the above standard modules, Waytronic WT2000 series is ​​also stepping up the finalization of the module. In addition to supporting customer customization, various customized recording modules are produced according to the different needs of customers.

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