The Analysis of the Perpetual Calendar Product Design Based on WT588F02KD-24SS Voice Chip

The Analysis of the Perpetual Calendar Product Design Based on WT588F02KD-24SS Voice Chip featured image

The perpetual calendar can be seen everywhere in everyone’s life basically. The electronic perpetual calendar displays daily information such as date, time, week, temperature and so on through LED luminous digital display, which is a modern digital timing product created by integrating many electronic technologies and modern classic technologies.

This paper mainly introduces the functions of using the voice chip WT588F02KD-24SS of Waytronic to complete the voice time of a perpetual calendar, using the mobile phone to calibrate the perpetual calendar, setting the timing, etc. (it can solve and greatly simplify the complicated operation of the current perpetual calendar calibration time, and only need one-click setting of the mobile phone). The scheme design can automatically calculate special time such as leap month and leap year. It has the characteristics of less peripheral circuits, high reliability and convenient use. It can not only save the comprehensive BOM material cost and research and development cost, but also shorten the product design and development cycle.

#1 System composition (scheme selection)

1. The Parameters of WT588F02KD-24SS

  1. 16-bit DSP voice chip, 32Mhz internal oscillation;
  2. The working voltage is 2.0-5.5V
  3. 16bit PWM output can directly drive 8R 0.5W horn;
  4. Support WAV files of 6K~32Khz;
  5. Automatically identify leap months, leap years, automatically calculate the lunar calendar, etc.
  6. There are 20 groups of timing options.
  7. Can drive 14 digital tubes.
  8. Internal integration of 256KB-flash, which can be partially used.

2. WT5T01 Second Jump Chip

  • Provide the second jump signal to WT588F02KD-24SS.

3. Other periphery

  1. Including light control (The time in the perpetual calendar can be calibrated by mobile phone, and it can also be timed. The picture below is an APP for demonstration, which can provide source code to help customers modify and provide technical support)
  2. Keys
  3. Digital tube and LED
  4. Internal power supply CR1220, external power supply 5V or 3 5th batteries.
APP for demonstration
Picture 1. APP for demonstration

#2 Circuit Design

Circuit Design
Picture 2. Circuit Design

Two chips complete the complete time function, desktop clock, and use APP to control flash for timing, which is simple and easy to use.

CR1220 battery+5th battery or 5V power supply, dual power supply, when 5th battery is out of power, the chip can keep running to ensure the accuracy of time.

#3 Way of Control

Use button operation and light sensing control to cooperate with APP. The four buttons are to turn off the alarm clock/snooze, switch between solar calendar and lunar calendar, tell the time/switch the time on time, and display sleep.

#4 Example

Picture 3. example

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