Voice Playback Module

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Waytronic Voice Playback Module is based on Waytronic MP3 Player Chip WT2003H series, WT2605 series

WT2003H series modules are mainly divided into B series (SMD) and M (in-line) series according to their packaging form. In addition, the two series are divided into 3 models according to the different memory used.
The difference between their functions can refer to the following table:

The WT2605XB04-R of the 2605 series mainly has four functions: line recording, MIC recording, MP3 function, and UART serial port control. The module has built-in Flash, and can be connected with external U disk and TF card. With a few external components, high-quality audio playback can be achieved. It adopts a drive-free mode, without tedious low-level operations.

WT2003H B Series

WT2003H M Series

WT2605 Series

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