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Compared with the traditional voice IC, the voice recognition IC can recognize the voice, it allows the machine to understand the human voice, and can perform various actions according to the command, such as blinking the eyes and moving the mouth (smart doll).

In addition, the voice recognition IC also has high-quality, high-compression rate recording and playback functions, which can realize the man-machine dialogue.

With the development of AI and Internet of Things technology, voice recognition chips are widely used in voice control curtains, APP control toys, smart Bluetooth speakers, smart fans, smart humidifiers, smart fans, various smart small appliances such as tea stoves, smart aromatherapy, locomotive driving recorder and other fields

Waytronic WTK6900H-24SS is the identification chip of the local voice trigger engine, which has the characteristics of low cost, high reliability, and strong versatility.

In voice technology, it has realized a highly reliable wake-up recognition rate, a longer-distance wake-up, a lower false wake-up rate, a richer number of voice control commands, a stronger anti-noise ability, and a faster response and recognition time.

Chip features:

  • High-performance 32-bit core, clocked at 240MHz, supports hardware floating-point operations
  • Built-in 1MB SPI FLASH
  • Offline speech recognition, using the latest neural network algorithm, has the advantages of accurate recognition, low misjudgment rate, and reliable recognition in the 5m far field
  • Filters out steady-state noise has a good suppression effect on dynamic noise and can be accurately identified under noise
  • MP3, WAV audio decoding DAC supports direct push, single-ended, or differential output
  • Compliant with Bluetooth V5.1 + BR + EDR + BLE specifications
  • Meet Class1, class2 and class3 transmission power consumption requirements
  • Support GFSK and π/4 DQPSK all packaging types
  • Provide + 6dbm transmit power
  • Receiver with -90dBm sensitivity
  • Fast AGC enhances dynamic range
  • Support a2dp \ avctp \ avdtp \ avrcp \ hfp \ spp \ smp ​​\ att \ gap \ gatt \ rfcomm \ sdp \ l2ca configuration file

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