WT588F02KD Realizes Screen Touch+Display Drive+Voice Broadcast For Intelligent Alarm Clock

Intelligent Alarm Clock with WT588F02KD

The alarm clock is closely related to our daily life. It can not only help us keep time, but also remind us to work and rest on time. In recent years, the smart alarm clock market continues to be hot. With the release of the demand of potential users, the market of smart alarm clocks will be further expanded. The intelligent alarm clock will not only be an alarm clock but now and in the future it will be endowed with richer and more personalized functions, such as countdown, voice-activated alarm, night light with regular sleep, colorful night light, sleep training, energy-saving/voice-activated wake-up, voice broadcast, etc.

However, with the development of rich and diversified functions of smart alarm clocks, in order to enhance the user experience and enhance the competitiveness of products through innovation, solution developers and manufacturers are faced with more and more complex circuits of smart alarm clocks, and more and more components are needed to realize diversified functions (timing, diversified display, voice control, sleep training, etc.). While the comprehensive BOM cost of products is constantly increasing, the product development cycle is also getting longer and longer.

The ordinary alarm clock scheme needs five or more components such as MCU+ charging chip+touch chip+voice chip+digital tube driver IC to realize the intelligence of the alarm clock (for example, when setting the alarm clock and setting the time, some scheme designs need to add Bluetooth chips to calibrate the time, select the alarm clock music, set the alarm clock time, etc., while the price of Bluetooth chips is generally higher, ranging from 0.6~0.75 USD), and most components represent the relative circuit design.

Our 3 in 1 Solution–More, Faster, Better, More Economical

According to the preface, we can see that there are pain points in the development and design of consumer electronics such as smart alarm clocks. Personalized product development is difficult. With years of experience in voice technology research, Waytronic Electronics continues to exert the expanding functions of voice chips and forms a multi-functional expanded standardized device. The company’s continuous standardization innovation in application scheme design of voice industry is mainly manifested in the following four aspects:

  1. saving the quantity of comprehensive BOM materials;
  2. reduce the comprehensive BOM cost;
  3. Shorten the product development cycle and save the R&D cost;
  4. The integration is getting higher and higher, and the volume is small.

The newly launched WT588F02KD of Waytronic Electronics greatly reduces the development difficulty of personalized products such as smart alarm clocks, and can save a MCU, display driver IC, voice broadcast IC and other devices. At the same time, it can realize the functions of time calibration, music track selection and time setting without adding Bluetooth chips. According to their own product requirements, product design engineers can use WT588F02KD’s rich IO port resources and diverse functions to design with a single chip to realize different personalized functions and enhance the market competitiveness of products. The application summary of WT588F02KD scheme is as follows:

  • More: There are many expandable functions, and a single chip (WT588F02KD) can realize voice broadcast+touch+digital display drive, and the IO port is rich in resources, directly replacing MCU functions.
  • Faster: The peripheral circuit is simple, reducing the number of components, accelerating the progress of product research and development, shortening the product development cycle, improving the production efficiency and directly saving the development cost.
  • Better: The chip has stable performance and rich functions. Waytronic provides fast and comprehensive technical service support and standardized technical guidance documents.
  • More Economical: Save development cycle, reduce comprehensive BOM cost, save time and cost. The labor cost of product scheme development is high. WT588F02KD integrates the functions of voice broadcast, digital display driver and so on, and has abundant expansion resources. A single chip can complete the functions of voice interaction, display driver and MCU. WT588F02KD=MCU+ voice chip. It can be said that WT588F02KD voice chip is an MCU chip, and development engineers can achieve efficient development through WT588f02kd.

Above all, WT588F02KD voice chip, with its rich expandable functions, can enable engineers to develop rapidly and at low cost in the scheme design of consumer electronic products such as smart alarm clocks, and at the same time, it can develop and expand various personalized functions simply and quickly according to product requirements. The following is an application example: WT588F02KD intelligent alarm clock design scheme is presented intuitively:

Design example of WT588F02KD Intelligent Alarm Clock Scheme

#1 Overview of Smart Alarm Clock Scheme

Alarm Clock
Smart Alarm Clock
  1. Basic alarm clock
    2.60 seconds countdown
  2. Voice-controlled timekeeping
  3. Sleep with night lights/colorful night lights regularly
  4. Energy saving/voice wake-up
  5. Volume adjustment

#2 Model Selection

PartModel NumberFeatures
Master ControlWT588F02KD16-bit DSP, 32MHz, 183K RAM, rewritable
Clock PartWT5T01-5~+20ppm, 31.25ms
Power ModuleTP4056MBattery temperature detection, abnormal prompt, charging state indication

a. Schematic Diagram of Design

Schematic Diagram of Design 1-1
Schematic Diagram of Design 1
Schematic Diagram of Design 2-1
Schematic Diagram of Design 2

#3 Application Frame Diagram

Application Frame Diagram
Application Frame Diagram

#4 Functions and Characteristics of WT588F02KD

  1. 16-bit DSP voice chip, 32Mhz internal oscillation.
  2. The working voltage is 2.0 ~ 5.5 V; Suggestion: 2.2~4.0V (because the serial port uses TTL level communication).
  3. 16bit PWM output can directly drive 8R 0.5W horn.
  4. Support WAV files of 6K~32Khz.
  5. Customers can replace the internal voice content of the chip online by downloading the test board.
  6. With voice prompt function (complete WT588F standard playing function).
  7. Support 32768-segment address, with more needs to be expanded.
  8. There is 183K byte storage space inside the chip (excluding the main control program).
  9. The chip master control program and built-in stored data can be erased and then burned.
  10. Read the current clock information: year, month, day, hour, minute, second and week.
  11. Set the current time information: year, month, day, hour, minute and second.
  12. Set alarm information: list 20 groups of alarms.
  13. Place user data (read and write): 256 bytes are placed in FLASH.
  14. Low voltage detection function, when the voltage is lower than 3.3V, the voice will not be played, and the low voltage will be marked.

As a high-tech enterprise focusing on the research of voice technology, Waytronic Electronics always adheres to the goal of “serving engineers well” and the direction of standardization of voice interactive devices in the industry, and is committed to making complexity simple and providing fast voice and intelligent Internet of Things application solutions. WT588F02KD application design scheme has been used in the fields of smart alarm clock, smart water cup, atomizer and other consumer electronics industries. The application of consumer electronics products is an important development field of the company. In the future, Waytronic will launch standardized voice chips in more industries to further enhance the design experience of engineers and empower the standardization of consumer electronics industry.

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