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  • Working voltage: 2.4V~5.2V.
  • In standby mode, quiescent current less than 5uA (After the voice playback is completed, the DATA/CLK signal line can stay at a stable level for about 2 seconds to sleep)
    Accurate +/-1% internal oscillation, with low voltage reset (LVR=1.8V) watchdog timing.
  • PWM audio output, able to drive 8Ω/0.5W speaker and buzzer directly; DAC audio output, able to have external amplifier.
  • Built in watchdog.
  • With serial port control mode: count pulse, button, one-line serial port, two-line serial port (up to 224 voices can be loaded, detailed explanation will be provided later).
  • Support output function in BUSY state(The BUSY pin of the standard program defaults to high level, and it is low level during voice playback. In addition, in the serial port control mode, only when the
    voice chip receives the correct voice address sequence BUSY pin will there be a level.

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